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Her Loom of Light

Her Loom of Light that Becomes the Body Born from light into light You return again to know yourself as light. You are born from a precise order a delicate balance an eternal harmony from the flow of the river the cresting of the tide. Born from the Mother of Mothers the matrix that nourishes […]

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The Blueprint as a Living Being

Blackboard Drawing by Bob Schrei, Module 3, July 16, 2012 We are in the midst of a Module Three right now, exploring the principle of  the Blueprint, working with deepening our relationship to the Blueprint for the benefit of our own health and that of others. The foundation of SourcePoint, its core, its central organizing […]

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Order, Balance, Harmony, Flow

Order, Balance, Harmony, Flow by Bob Schrei Life is a delicate balancing act.  “Life exists on the edge of chaos and order.” I can’t even reference this quote because so many biologists, systems theorists, and other thinkers and researchers have now made some such statement. What are the implications of this for SourcePoint Therapy? We […]

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Remembering the Earth and Ourselves

Green Tara This week I am drawn to re-connect with two of the audio meditations. The first is the Guardians of the Earth, and the second is the fundamental SourcePoint Meditation. It feels to me as though the energies of the next few weeks are asking us to pay special attention to bringing in the information of […]

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Musings on Motherhood and SourcePoint

This week, we have a guest blogger, Elizabeth Eilers Sullivan. Elizabeth is a writer and mother of three young children. She recently attended a SourcePoint Therapy Module One workshop in Santa Fe and shared some of her experiences following the workshop with me.  I wanted to share them here because of their specific reference to […]

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SourcePoint Meditation (audio)

It’s spring equinox, when light and dark are in perfect balance. What better time to pause and connect with the healing light, energy and information of Source? Here’s a meditation that works with the basic principles and practices of SourcePoint Therapy to connect with the fundamental Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow of the universal energy. […]

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Return of the LIght

Meditation can strengthen your immune system. So in this time, as we approach the solstice, the return of the light, why not meditate with the transformative light, energy and information of the mandala realm? Why not invoke the guardian energies of light to help you stay healthy through the winter season? In this meditation you […]

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Intention and the Diamond Points

The four Diamond Points that are the foundation of SourcePoint practice clearly express the intention of our energy work. These four points are the Source, Grounding, Activation, and Transformation Points. In SourcePoint Therapy our intention is simply to connect to Source and its information of order, balance, harmony and flow; ground and awaken that information […]

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Light and Dark

Source: Hubblesite.org SourcePoint is about balance, order, harmony and flow, the simple underlying principles and energies that give rise to life, and sustain, nourish and support it. Energy workers often call on “the light” in their work. It’s a powerful energy and we access the  energy of light in SourcePoint work. What about the transformative […]

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