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Her Loom of Light

Her Loom of Light that Becomes the Body Born from light into light You return again to know yourself as light. You are born from a precise order a delicate balance an eternal harmony from the flow of the river the cresting of the tide. Born from the Mother of Mothers the matrix that nourishes […]

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The Star in the Heart (Audio Guided Meditation)

Light calls to light. Light awakens light. Light receives light. Star in the Heart by SourcePoint ©2012 Donna Thomson and Bob Schrei

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Winter Solstice Meditation (audio)

The Radiant Dark Winter Solstice Meditation by SourcePoint

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Getting Out of the Way & The Golden Triangle

As an energy work practitioner one of the most important skills to learn is that of getting out of the way. Getting out of the way means you don’t impose your own views or ideas. Rather, you respond to the unique being of each individual client. People have their own modalities; often they have spent […]

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The Crescent Moon and the Mother

http://www.josephinewall.co.uk The Crescent Moon is a wonderful and simple meditative practice that radiates support and grounds the energy of an individual in the earth plane. The Crescent Moon may be helpful as an energetic support for an expectant mother as it brings a strong connection to the archetype or blueprint of the Mother. The Great […]

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Light and Dark

Source: Hubblesite.org SourcePoint is about balance, order, harmony and flow, the simple underlying principles and energies that give rise to life, and sustain, nourish and support it. Energy workers often call on “the light” in their work. It’s a powerful energy and we access the  energy of light in SourcePoint work. What about the transformative […]

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