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The Waking Dream

“…the ‘imaginal realm,’ a dimension beyond the physical that is the precinct and playground of true imagination, a creative realm that may be the seedbed of our great discoveries and innovations, and even the origin of events and situations that are manifested in the surface world. Indigenous peoples call it the Dreamtime or the dreamworld. […]

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At our recent Module 3 workshop in Santa Fe, we sat down together on Sunday morning to meditate with the Blueprint, to experience it more directly, to connect with what we call the Mandala Realm, that field of energetic pattern from which form arises. This meditation with the golden line emerged at that time. It […]

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The Karmic Blueprint

I’m going to talk about karma from the perspective of SourcePoint. This is only one perspective among many, and is simply another way to view the complex issue of causation and incarnation, not a definitive “answer” to the questions that we have about karma. From a SourcePoint  perspective, we could say that karma manifests as […]

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