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It’s About the Work

Ellsworth Kelly: Red and Blue from the series LIne Form Color Ellsworth Kelly speaking about himself and Agnes Martin: “Agnes’s and my art share a love of the anonymous, of doing the work. The work itself is what’s important. We don’t want our personality in the art. We all had to get over Picasso, because his […]

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The Rainmaker

This week I’d just like to tell you a simple story. You could consider it a bedtime story if you also listen to the track above while reading  I found the story in F. David Peat’s book, Synchronicity: The Bridge Between Matter and Mind. He attributes the story to Richard Wilhelm, the original translator of the […]

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Wolfgang Pauli’s Dream Image of the World Clock Artist: W. Beyers-Brown, Originally Published by C.G. Jung I am reading a fascinating book by physicist F. David Peat, Synchronicity: The Bridge Between Matter and Mind. I’ve gotten as far as his definition of synchronicity as “an acausal connecting principle” and his story of the exploration of […]

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