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Sacred Geometry and SourcePoint

The practices of SourcePoint are founded on the perception that we live in a universe of order, balance, harmony and flow. For millennia, philosophers, mathematicians, magicians and healers have explored the realm of sacred geometry and demonstrated this universe of order in thousands of fascinating ways.  Now some modern physicists are beginning to suspect this […]

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“Remembered Wellness”

Photograph by Josh Schrei     The Himalayas Before Andrew Weil and Bruce Lipton, there was Herbert Benson, MD. He is the author of the fascinating book Timeless Healing: the Power and Biology of Belief, first published in 1995. Dr. Benson was ahead of his time in researching the effect of the mind on healing. His book […]

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The Disintegration of the Persistence of Memory by Salvador Dali In the last post I wrote about how the practice of energy work requires a radical re-definition of self.  I think it may also require a redefinition of time, beginning with an exploration of time and how it functions both in healing and in this […]

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The Space Between: Guided Audio Meditation

The Space Between by SourcePoint

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Often in bodywork and movement work and in many self-help books,  the instruction to “be more fully in the body” is a common one. It will bring a greater health, and is often considered a sign of health, to “be in your body.” What we need, though, in order to follow this instruction effectively, is […]

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