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SourcePoint Therapy®: Exploring the BluePrint of Health

    Coming soon! Our new book SourcePoint Therapy: Exploring the Blueprint of Health will be available on Amazon December 11, 2015. The book contains meditations that can be listened to on this blog. Those meditations will also be available here December 11. Check back on December 11 for a direct link to the book on […]

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I will return to posting on this blog at some point in 2015, once the SourcePoint book comes out. If readers have any questions or suggestions for topics, please contact us through the contact page on the SourcePoint website. For now, there’s a wealth of material to explore in this blog. And please see the […]

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Intention, Context and Belief Systems

The Blueprint of Perfect Health Order, Balance, Harmony, Flow Painting by Bob Schrei SourcePoint Therapy is founded on the intention to connect to the information of the Blueprint and to allow that information to work in the human body to bring greater Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow.  All the practices are simply ways to do […]

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The Power of Awareness

Sketch by Bob Schrei The ground of our practice of SourcePoint is Awareness – with a capital A to emphasize its all-pervading presence, the Awareness that we take so for granted. Every moment, we are aware. We see, we feel, we taste and touch, smell, think, perceive, observe, remember, we hear, we make choices. Our […]

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The Starfish Are Dying and No One Knows Why

Yemanja is the Goddess of the Ocean in the traditions of Africa, Brazil and many other places.  Yesterday, February 2nd, she was celebrated as she is every year in Salvador, Brazil, where she also goes by the name Janaina. Thousands of people gather to make offerings to her on this day. Yesterday I read this […]

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Reflections from Awareness: Peace on Earth

Blackboard Sketch by Bob Schrei Excerpt from an Awareness Session* with Bob and Donna, New Years Day, 2014 For the new year, let us speak about peace. Peace is not the absence of conflict. Peace is found in the response to conflict. In the material world, conflict arises. It is in the nature of  the […]

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Winter Solstice and New Year: 2013-2014

Winter Solstice and New Year Meditation (Six minutes) May All Beings Be Happy, Peaceful and Free of Suffering © Donna Thomson and Bob Schrei 2013

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photo by Josh Schrei Translated by Marilu Reis Quando você sonha, você enxerga de dentro de si mesmo, sua visão normal? Ou você vê de cima e além, do lado de fora, movendo-se no sonho? O que você prefere? Estar dentro ou fora? As pessoas falam sobre estar dentro do corpo. Onde está este corpo? […]

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Focus on the Blueprint: A Reminder

Blackboard sketch by Bob Schrei This month’s post is contributed by Bob Schrei, and is an important reminder where our focus lies in the practice of SourcePoint Therapy®. It is specifically intended for practitioners who have been trained in our workshops. In the three basic modules of SourcePoint Therapy® the emphasis is on placing your […]

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photo by Josh Schrei When you dream, do  you see from the inside of yourself, your usual vision? Or do you see yourself from above and beyond, from the outside, moving in the dream? Which do you prefer? To be inside or outside? People speak about being in their bodies. Where is that body? Or, […]

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